Winners & Losers in the Global App Economy

We were delighted to have the privilege of working with Bryan Pon, Senior Research Director, and the team at Caribou Digital, on the design and publication of the research report Winners & Losers in the Global App Economy, a research project funded by the Mozilla Foundation.

We designed and produced the report after a 6-month research effort on the global app economy, the aim of the research was the goal of answering basic questions such as: Who is making apps? and Who is making money? The research is anchored by a country-level analysis of 37 different national markets. For each market, the team recorded the 500 top-ranked apps in both the “Top Grossing” and “Top Downloads” categories, for both the iOS and Android platforms, and then performed a search to identify the city and country location for the developer.

It is worth noting that the research has been brought to life using a number of pieces of data-visualsiation focusing on where the developers are based; the app markets and patterns of trade by geography; and production of apps by lower-income countries.