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Brand identity

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Any of our lives can be turned upside down due to ill-heath, frailty or disability of a family member or friend. In fact, two in three of us can expect to become a carer in our lifetime – saving the UK economy the cost of a second NHS. However, carers often remain unrecognised and  struggle to get the information and support they need.

As part of their three year strategy 2021 – 2024, Carers First identified the need for a new brand identify to support their strategic objectives.

We built a strong and collaborative relationship with the team at Carers First to produce the new brand, including all visual elements as well as tone of voice. We continue to support the team producing reports and collateral and advising in a brand guardianship role.

Carers First were delighted to win the public vote to become one of the Lincoln City Football Club Charity of the Year partners.

Carers First reached 119,000 carers in 2021-2022, a 32% increase on the previous year.

There are 800,000 young carers aged 5-17 caring for an adult or family member in the UK. We developed a sub-brand to communicate specifically with this audience, to engage and support with respect.

You can find out more about Carers First and see how the brand has been rolled out online here:

"As a charity providing personalised information and support for carers, with an ambition to grow our reach, support and impact, it was important to refresh our branding and how we communicate our message. Working with Kathryn and Corin at the Langtons, was inspiring, hugely informative and enjoyable. They constructively challenged us to think about how our branding could better engage carers and connect with different audiences. They were inquiring, creative and supportive and worked within our limited budget.

Our refreshed branding has helped us to better convey who we are and what we do, it has enabled us to substantially increase the number of carers we reach and support and to forge strong partnerships with a range of organisations. It has also given our team a strong visual identity that they are proud of."

Alison Taylor, Chief Executive, Carers First